Period Stories is an award-winning, crowdsourced short documentary about menstruation experiences from around the world.

How It All Started

In February 2015, I shared my most cringe-worthy period story on YouTube and asked people to send me their stories for a documentary. In the two-month submission period, videos came in all the way from Kenya to New Zealand from ages 16 to 70. It became evident that there was a universal need for us to share our stories and let go of the shame together.

Period Stories (2015) is a compilation of these videos – and a dash of the ever so eloquent commentary from the lovely peeps of Twitter...

Here's how it started...

And Here's The Result:

Period Stories world premiere was held on International Menstrual Hygiene Day, May 28, 2015, at Lunette cup's #BreakTheBloodyTaboo event in Tampere, Finland. The film is directed by Charlotte Forsgård, and produced by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

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