Period Stories Goes Harlem??

Guys, there's an actual menstruation-themed art/film festival in NYC this June. Please send us your videos as soon as possible to help us make it there!

It's called The Unmentionables Film Festival and it focuses on a different taboo each year. This year it just so happens to be menses. Now... If there ever was a film festival for us, I'm pretty sure this is the one.

However, the deadline for entries is pretty soon so please help us make it there by sending your videos via WeTransfer to as soon as possible.

Pick up your phone/camera now, shoot and send your video by INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY (end of next week) and receive a special thank you from us!

Remember to share our website & Facebook event to all of your friends so that we can get as many and as diverse videos as possible.

Can we make this happen or what?!


Edit: Just for clarity we do still accept submissions till April 5th and they have just as good a chance to make it into the film!