Green Periods & Early Bird Gifts

Send us your period story video by midnight on International Women's Day this Sunday and we'll reward you with a special thank you. Go, go, go!

In other news, I just bought a menstrual cup online. I've been meaning to get a cup ever since I first learned about them, because they really are the most economical and eco-friendly way to handle your period (that I know of). I'll be posting about my cup once it arrives so stay tuned. I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts on cups too. Any advice for a newbie? Comment below!

If you're not into inserting anything or can't use cups for some other reason, check out Vuokkoset. They make 100 % bio-degradable pads and pantyliners and are eco-conscious in the entire manufacturing process. The products are made in Finland.

There's also a variety of washable cloth pads you could choose from. Lunette, another Finnish company, is best-known for their menstrual cups but also sells cloth pads (Finland only). If you want to go truly green, LadyPad is a great option because they use organic bamboo and cotton to make their cloth pads.