I've Been Such an Amateur Menstruator

One of the many wonderful things that happened after I started this project was that I couldn't avoid trying out a menstrual cup anymore. I'd been meaning to get one for years but I kept putting it off because I was afraid of paying 30 euros for a cup that wouldn't suit me.

I came across Menstrualcup.co on YouTube and they had a lot of info on cups and many brands to choose from. I found a little pink cup with a ring as a stem, that was only about 19 euros with postage included, so I thought what the heck – I can afford to lose 19 euros if the cup doesn't fit.

I'm not exaggerating even a little when I say it turned out to be the best money I've ever spent.

source: Lunette.com

source: Lunette.com

A few weeks later after the cup arrived, I got my period. After figuring out the routine of how to insert the cup and how to get it out, I suddenly realized that I didn't feel like I was on my period at all.

I'd never really used tampons because I was uncomfortable with the idea of inserting cotton up there so I had always used pads. I now know pads are the actual devil. I would NEVER again have itchy, smelly, unbreathable, uncomfortable pads in my pants for a WEEK every month! That is insane compared to just having a cup in there and only having to take it out every 8–12 hours. I can wear whatever clothes and underwear I want and sleep naked if I want to. I actually cannot believe what a menstruation amateur I've been all these years.

The benefits compared to tampons are also pretty awesome:

  • No worrying about the string slipping out of your swimwear when you go swimming
  • Not having to change your tampon every time you use the toilet
  • No worrying about Toxic Shock Syndrome or bleach or other chemicals

Not to mention the other health and environmental benefits that are pretty enormous.

Source: menstrualcup.co

Source: menstrualcup.co

As for the technicalities of using the cup, mine is a size medium and soft and I chose the ring stem because it seemed easier to get a hold of than the stick stem. I didn't realize it when I chose it but I think the ring stem is also probably nicer because there's no chance of it poking me while in there. It's just soft and round all around, minimizing any discomfort.

The cup has really opened my eyes and I am so, SO much more comfortable during my period these days. And trust me, this is not an ad, no one is paying me or giving me free stuff – I was honestly just blown away by how different my period is now and I wish I'd found cups years ago. I seriously recommend you give cups a try if you haven't yet!