We're In the Running for Visionary Film Award

I have to say that an email saying, "Hey, we love your film and want to pay for you to travel to our festival", sure is my all-time favourite type of email to receive. In other words, we've been invited to Visions Film Festival & Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina in mid-April!

Visions is an annual peer-reviewed film festival and conference organized by The University of North Carolina Wilmington Film Studies Department. In addition to film screenings, the event includes Q&As, a keynote presentation, a panel discussion, and a video race to make a film in groups in one hour. Sounds like a pretty swell time.

I've only ever been to New York and New Jersey in the U.S. so it'll be my first time seeing a bit more of the States. Unfortunately, the travel grant covers only my travelling expenses, so we are now in the process of applying grants in Finland for Jenni and Heta to attend. You can help us out too by donating or getting a Period Stories tote bag (if you dare!).

As mentioned in the title, we are also in the running for an award at the festival called Visionary Film Award. Wish us luck!

– C